Drupal 7

iFrame failing to display when content is published

I've had this situation a few times now with Drupal where inserting an iFrame when editing/creating content, resulted in the src tag being stripped out of the iframe when previewing or viewing the node. The strangest thing is that resaving the content multiple times, or refreshing the page multiple times, seems to make the iframe suddenly appear.... After which point it will appear every time you subsequently load the page.

Automatic Node Titles using the NID

This problem falls into one of Drupal's "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" scenarios. Firstly, the NID is the Node ID, which is the unique number assigned to a piece of content. For example, when you next create a Page, blog entry, etc in Drupal, go to yoursite.com/admin/content/node and hover over the "Edit" link for your new node. You'll notice that the URL is something like yoursite.com/node/10/edit?destination=admin%2Fcontent%2Fnode and in this case, the NID for that piece of content is 10.

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