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Welcome to my Drupal 8 reboot!

My site has gone unused for quite a while now due to the ridiculously excessive amounts of work I do. Elon Musk may sleep near the factory floor of Tesla, but I do 27hr single stretches of code writing. Ha!

The site is currently badly themed, but the judgemental stare of Claude (one of my cats) will ensure that I finish it off (hopefully) soon.

Stay tuned!

I've had this situation a few times now with Drupal where inserting an iFrame when editing/creating content, resulted in the src tag being stripped out of the iframe when previewing or viewing the node. The strangest thing is that resaving the content multiple times, or refreshing the page multiple times, seems to make the iframe suddenly appear.... After which point it will appear every time you subsequently load the page.

This problem falls into one of Drupal's "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" scenarios. Firstly, the NID is the Node ID, which is the unique number assigned to a piece of content. For example, when you next create a Page, blog entry, etc in Drupal, go to and hover over the "Edit" link for your new node.

I recently came across a small problem with sorting views by date. Not by any Node associated date (such as Publish Date, or Update Date), but sorting by a Date Field, as supplied by the Date module. I was trying to sort the content by the date field, descending, but what I was getting was all sorts of garbled mess, at which point I noticed that there was no granularity setting when adding the field to the Sort list.
Enter: Arguments.

We're deploying a multisite installation for our new Intranet at work. Essentially, we have a main intranet site (the default install), then we have a site for each department.

The idea was to be that the primary links menu would stay the same across all sites. As there are 7 department sites, we didn't really want to copy and paste the menu 7 times, then edit it 7 times, whenever something changes in it. So, the best solution would be to share the appropriate menu table.

I came across this little gem when trying to add content to my newly create Drupal content type. I had just created a new content type and was adding some content of that type to make sure everything was working ok. The content type in question had around 25 fields or so, which was a combination of text areas and image fields.

Just a quick one that doesn't seem to be too well documented on the web.

I was having a problem with Views Slideshow not working when using Nice Menus at the same time. It turns out that there are a few problems with displaying Views Slideshow, as a block. Nobody's quite figured out how to roll this into a patch for the module yet, but in the meanwhile, there is a simple workaround :)

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